Digital Information for Democracy: Management, Access and Preservation
Rome, Joint Parliamentary Library, 19-21 August 2009


Digital information for Democracy: Management, Access and Preservation
Rome, Joint Parliamentary Library, 19-21 August 2009

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Lettera di benvenuto

Dear colleagues,

we are happy to invite you to the 25th IFLA Pre-Conference of Library and Research Services for Parliaments, to be held in Rome from 19 to 21 August 2009.

The theme for this conference ‒ Digital Information for Democracy: Management, Access and Preservation ‒ is the cutting edge in innovation and development of parliamentary libraries and documentation services, which are the hub of a complex information system gathering, processing and providing documentation services to the institutions, and networking legislatures. The two Libraries of the Italian Parliament have been very active in this field, especially since they have opened up to the public ‒ a significant step strengthened by a policy to merge the two libraries into a Joint Parliamentary Library ‒ and are now called to respond to a growing number of increasingly varied requests for information.

We hope that this conference will provide an opportunity to exchange views and will contribute to the development of inter-library cooperation, so as to enable all parliamentary libraries, including the more advanced ones, to obtain updated information on world-wide practices, which may enable them to further enhance the quality of services they provide.

In the months ahead of the conference, you are invited to take part in the questionnaire and the forum that will be hosted on this website in the next few months, on the leading innovations being implemented by parliamentary libraries in the field of digital tools and documentation.

Please also be informed that an induction training session for parliamentary libraries in developing countries will be held the day before the conference, focussing on new technologies to enhance parliamentary information services. The event is co-organised by the Italian Parliament, the IFLA Parliamentary Section and the Global Centre for ICT in Parliament. The Global Centre is located in Rome and is a joint initiative of the United Nations, the Interparliamentary Union and a number of national and supranational parliamentary assemblies.

We are sure that the conference venue will give our meeting an historic depth that few places in the world can boast. We shall be in the very heart of Rome, in a neighbourhood that has been a breeding ground of culture since antiquity and through the Middle Ages and the Modern Era. This legacy provides an ideal backdrop to considerations on how to hand down and preserve information and knowledge.

Looking forward to greeting you personally, we are happy to already welcome you wholeheartedly to the "great library" of the Italian Parliament and to our city.

Antonio Casu, Sandro Bulgarelli

Heads of the Libraries of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate of the Republic